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Shopping List 06.09.11

9 Jun

Here is my most recent shopping list!

I will update new finds later today! If you want the notecard version of my shopping list, send me a message to Tulani Everdeen or Tulani Resident (still not sure which comes up in search, need to find out…)! Until my next post…


My First Post

9 Jun

I’m so excited to have finally finished my blog! I’m not used to working with, but I actually had fun putting it all together! I hope to have the chance to blog everyday often about fashion finds and bargains, hunts, and places to visit in Second Life! I know there are a million similar and very amazing blogs out there, but instead of thinking “why should I” I thought “why not!” It will be a new experience sharing my experiences on Second Life, and I look forward to being able to contribute to the Second Life community! Until my next post…☮♥☺